Event Rentals

The Historic O'Keefe Ranch has a Victorian elegance and rustic charm, that makes it the perfect place for an event. The O'Keefe Ranch offers a number of event venues with a unique heritage ambiance. All events are individually designed to ensure a perfect memory for your guests. The backdrop provides for an unforgettable event that people will talk about for years. 

The O'Keefe Ranch would like to offer the opportunity for your community to bring guests to the Ranch for an experience like no other. The Ranch is open daily from May to September. Guests have the option to take part in a walk=through tour of the O'Keefe Mansion, visit with the animals we have on site, or ask about stage coach rides. 

In addition to weddings, the O'Keefe Ranch is available for special events including, but not limited to:

  • Gala or Fundraising Events
  • Corporate Events 
  • Live Music Events 
  • Board Game Tournaments 
  • Family Reunions 
  • And much more 

The Greenhow Arena is available for the following:

  • Horse Shows
  • Clinics 
  • Show Jumping 
  • Equestrian Club Events

We are more than willing to work with you to accommodate your special events needs. Contact us by calling 250-542-7868, ext 201 or email [email protected]   

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