Ranch Activities

Experience O'Keefe Ranch

Although operations have been adjusted to ensure safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are happy to provide many activities depending on the season. Everything from heritage buildings, museum exhibitions, interactive farm animals, a food truck, a unique gift shop (full of local goods!), and other added special touches - your experience doesn't stop there! Click on the "View Events Calendar" for a complete listing of upcoming events and to purchase tickets.

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Daily Activities

O'Keefe Mansion

Witness an incredible and opulent mansion steeped in rich history! Included at no extra cost during the regular season, you can join our fabulous interpreter on a roughly 40-minute exploration of one of the valley's oldest heritage houses. Painstakingly preserved for over 100 years, you can learn all about the original O'Keefe family by strolling through the very home they lived in for generations. The mansion sports many fascinating items of its time, including an original steel disc music box, one of only 6 still functioning in the world! We are happy to accommodate for when you choose to visit, as tours run between 10 to 1 & 2 to 4. We greatly value the safety of both our hardworking staff and every one of our guests, therefore only one 'bubble' or family group is permitted per tour.

St. Anne's Church

Constructed in the "Carpenter Gothic" style, this classic relic and has recently been restored to how it would have looked in 1889. St. Anne's Church remains to be a very popular wedding location and is open to be booked for a variety of special occasions. On Saturdays and Sundays, you may find an unusual traveling minister practicing for an upcoming meeting. To close the meeting he and his “granddaughter" sing a hymn that will give you chills. We also have a Sexton who cares for those buried in the graveyard and may have a story or two to tell.

Balmoral School

This one-room schoolhouse, constructed in 1912, is the base for our school program in May and June. On Saturdays and Sundays, the schoolmarm will run a session of school periodically throughout the day, and old-fashioned games are played with costumed children in the schoolyard.

General Store

A reproduction of the original General Store that was built on the Ranch in 1870. Visitors can purchase candy and confections and enjoy our extensive collection of artifacts on display. Come and see the many inventions that paved the way for what we have today. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the general store has a postmaster with the ability to mail a postcard to anyone in the world, and he may have something special to be delivered to you on the weekly stagecoach!

The Schubert House

Built in 1891, this building was moved from its original spot on Otter lake to be a part of our exhibition. On Saturdays, Mrs. Schubert will be baking in the gorgeous old stove/oven and cooking up some simple cures for injuries and common ailments.

Cowboy Bunk House

A recreation of what a typical cowboys' bunkhouse would have looked like in the 1800s. On Saturdays and Sundays, an injured cowboy has to stay behind from the cattle drive. He spends his time practicing songs on his guitar for the upcoming dance!

The Log House

The original O'keefe family home. On quiet days, we are happy to provide private tours of the log house - which is not open to the public due to the inability to provide one-way foot traffic due to COVID restrictions. On busy days, Nanny Duddy will be giving tours of the log house and sharing the special times the O’Keefe children had together.

Milk and Dairy

On Saturdays and Sundays, come and meet the Milkmaid, who is a recent immigrant and delights in sharing everything she knows about how butter is made and how ice-cream was flavoured. But be careful, she is very superstitious! So watch your step in the milk and dairy house...

Animal Exhibits

Don’t forget to visit our farm animals - a favourite attraction for kids! The Jacob Sheep, with their double sets of curved horns, are a rare and unique breed to see. The Ranch also features a very friendly herd of goats, our bird pens which are filled with exotic and domestic birds, from roosters to silkies, geese, and turkeys. On Saturdays and Sundays, there are goats in a pen for kids to play with, the chickens run free, and periodically the donkey will come out so you can join him for a photoshoot! We have plenty of friendly farm animals for you to visit at the Ranch!

Model Railway Display

The North Okanagan Railroaders Association, since 1982, demonstrate their extraordinary railway building skills upstairs above the Greenhow Museum. It is an amazing exhibition showcasing a number of popular train stations throughout the Province. There is a narrative offered in several languages. This attraction should not be missed during your tour of the Ranch.

Pioneer Power Club Equipment Displays

The Pioneer Power Club restores and displays antique farm equipment and offers live demonstrations. They also offer free wagon rides periodically throughout the year.

Greenhow Museum

The Greenhow Museum will be opening in mid June. A re-opening of the Museum will be announced and will depend on COVID restrictions.

Pottery Shed

Kitty-corner to the O'Keefe mansion is the red shed, which houses a working pottery shop run by potter Burt Cohen. Visitors to the workshop will see pottery in various stages of production. What visitors may not know is that the pottery doubles as a research workshop for the non-profit: Potters Without Borders. PWB is a technical advisement group that sets up low-cost ceramic water filter factories in developing countries. More information can be found at the PWB website: www.potterswithoutborders.com

Blacksmith Shop

Our Blacksmith, Patrick, shows up as often as he can to demonstrate his work. The shop is always open during regular hours for those who would just like to take a peek.


Once called the Quilt Barn, this building now houses many domestic skills from spinning and weaving to sewing. On Saturdays and Sundays come experience these skills first hand and learn the process from beginning to end. As COVID restrictions allow, hands-on learning will become available.