Ranch Accessibility

Currently O'Keefe Ranch has some accessibility limitations, so please make note of the following information.

O'Keefe Ranch is a large property with lots to see, so you should be prepared to cover a lot of ground when you are here. If you wish to see the whole property, viewing all the buildings and displays and returning to the main entrance, your trip may be close to 1.2 km round trip through the Ranch. However, you can shorten your walk by bypassing the Implement Sheds up the hill. 

The Implement Sheds (the farm equipment displays and Pioneer Power Club collection) are accessible on foot but are located at the top of a small hill, which may be difficult to reach for visitors with limited mobility.

From the main entrance you can follow the path to the right and wander through many of our heritage buildings. You will find St. Anne's Church at the end of the path. The distance from the entrance to the Church is approximately 250 m, or around 350 m if you make a couple extra stops on the way that are just off the path (including the Stagecoach House, the Milk and Dairy House, and the Quilt Barn).

The same goes for the other direction. You can follow the path to the left to meet our farm animals and see a few more heritage buildings including the Schubert House and the School House that are at the end of the path across the bridge. The distance to the end is also approximately 250 m, or closer to 350 m if you stop at the Cowboy Bunkhouse and the goat pen.

The pathways around the Ranch are all dirt paths with the exception of the approximate 100 m wooden boardwalk running from the Log House to the Church and the wooden bridge with gravel ramps leading up to it on either side which provides access to the Schoolhouse and Schubert House. The rest of the grounds are grass covered which may require crossing to access the few buildings that are off the path. 

To access the main entrance and gift shop building from the parking lot, there is a small lip into the store. However, if that is not suitable, there is a side entrance available where the ground is flush; just ask at the front desk, and they can unlock it for you.

There are wheelchair accessible bathrooms located at the main entrance, through the gift shop. 

Buildings Accessible to all Visitors:

The Cowboy Bunkhouse is a small building with two entrances one of which is a ramp located on the side.

The Balmoral Schoolhouse has no stairs.

The Blacksmith Shop is accessible via the board walk and has no stairs.

The Lower Stagecoach house has no stairs.

Buildings with Wheelchair Access to Lower Levels:

The St. Anne's Church is accessible through the back door.

The O'Keefe Mansion has a wheelchair ramp on the left side which enables access to the ground floor, but not to the second floor.

The Greenhow Museum has a wheelchair accessible ground floor via the entrance on the right side of the building.

The Stove Museum is wheelchair accessible via the ramp on the right-hand side.

Buildings Accessible to Visitors with Minor Mobility Limitations:

The General Store has two steps to enter from the boardwalk.

The Log House has four steps to enter from the boardwalk, but several more to access the top floor.

The Chinese Cooks' House has 5 steps to enter.

The Schubert House has two steps to enter, but no additional access to the second floor without climbing a staircase.