Resident Animals

Resident Animals

Stop by to meet our local residents of the O'Keefe Ranch! Having felt the effects of COVID-19, the goats are falling out of practice for yoga, and the mamas are sad they can't show off their babies. All the animals agree that the Loneliest Interpreter needs to find some new friends to tell his stories to!


Our agile goats are ready and excited for their next Yoga class. Having started their training in early 2019, our Nigerian Dwarf goats are ready to get everyone outdoors and training.


Razzle is a zebu, a species of a domestic cow originating from Southwest Asia. Although he is gentle, his horns can be a bit big for the smaller people - especially because he loves his scratches, therefore, his public appearances are more limited.

Jacob Sheep

O'Keefe Ranch has its own lineage of Jacob Sheep. This heritage breed was once endangered and thanks to efforts around the world, that is no longer the case. In 2016, the O'Keefe Ranch sent to Israel a few of the Jacob sheep to help repopulate.

Shetland Sheep

The Shetland sheep is also a heritage breed. The O'Keefe Ranch had been breeding their registered sheep up to Spring 2020. Although we no longer breed the O'Keefe lineage, our retired shetland family are the sweetest you can imagine. You will often see them in parades and walking around during special events.