Animal Sales

Animal Sales

Animal sales at the ranch are truly important. The selling of certain heritage breeds helps to preserve them, keep breeding stock plentiful for local and national breeders, as well as preventing inline breeding. The educational benefits of such breeding and sales reaches not only students, but the curious tourist as well. Funds of animal sales go directly into the operations of the non-profit Historic O'Keefe Ranch and Interior Heritage Society, and these revenue numbers are submitted to the government each year in our application to maintain farm status.

Jacob Sheep

O'Keefe Ranch has its own lineage of Jacob Sheep, a breed believed to be over 2,300 years old. Though once endangered, that is no longer the case thanks to a significant effort from farmers around the globe. In 2016, the O'Keefe Ranch sent to Israel a few of the Jacob sheep to help reconstitute their local population. 

Shetland Sheep

The Shetland sheep is a specialty heritage breed as well. The O'Keefe Ranch had been breeding their registered sheep up to Spring of 2020. Although they are no longer bred from the original O'Keefe lineage, our retired shetland family is the sweetest you can imagine. You will often see them in parades and during special events, with many happy to receive some extra loving attention.

Forever Homes

2020 Season list of animals looking for forever homes are below. The O'Keefe Ranch is a huge supporter of animal rights and we reserve the right to refuse sale of any animal we do not feel will receive above standard care. Please contact [email protected]


To date, all our sale animals have been sold. Please check back as new sales become available. Below is a list of our 2020 sales.

SOLD - Jacob Ewe Lamb born Spring 2020

SOLD - Jacob Ewe Lamb born Spring 2020

SOLD - Shetland Ewe born Spring 2020