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O'Keefe Ranch as we know it is made possible by our incredible team of volunteers. From April to December, experience history like never before and join a thriving community of passionate people just like you! We offer a range of opportunities as vast as the ranch itself, and welcome you to help us breathe life into ages past. No matter your skill set, it's guaranteed there's always something you can do best! So, who exactly are we looking for?

  • Role Play Artists:
    • At the forefront of our mission, our Role Play Artists steep themselves in history and fling it into the present, portraying an eccentric cast of characters that could have lived on the ranch in the time of O'Keefe himself. Have a penchant for acting or have always wanted to dip your toes in the dramatic arts? Volunteering as a Role Play Artist may just be for you! With a mix of improvised and scripted scenes, you can find yourself weaving victorian tales to both captivate and educate those who visit. With a wide variety of scene locations, a plethora of possibilities await you! Applicants must meet the minimum age requirement of 14 years or be accompanied by an older sibling/guardian Role Play Artist.
  • Photographers and/or Videographers:
    • Have a knack for cameras? There's no better way to hone your skills than practical application! Our Photographers and Videographers are indispensable for preserving our legacy, and in turn your talents are showcased to the community through our website and other outlets. Be it portrait, landscape, indoor, or outdoor, a wide variety of environments mean that the area you shoot best can truly shine. Regardless of if it is a special event or just another day of hustle and bustle at the ranch, you can help us capture memories as they are being made.

  • Curatorial Assistants:
    • Do you find yourself intrigued by antiquity? Look no further than our Curatorial Assistant program! Work with seasoned historians to uncover the many mysteries inside the ranch older than Canada itself. Catalogue priceless artefacts saturated in ancient tales and work within our newly updated Greenhow Museum! On-site training ensures that anyone passionate about history can lend a hand in preserving it, from youtube deep-diver to ancient tomb raider. If you see museum work as a career on your horizon, working as a Curatorial Assistant provides excellent hands-on experience to propel you to historic heights.

  • Field of Screams Actors and Production Team members:
    • Would you call yourself a prankster? Do you revel in giving a good fright? There's a good chance that you might feel right at home in the Field of Screams, costumed as a monstrous menagerie of tailored terrors. Even if being the reason someone jumps out of their socks doesn't seem like you, there's plenty of fun to be had constructing the haunting environment of the maze itself. The Field of Screams runs very similarly to a full-scale theatrical production throughout the month of October, allowing for plenty of possibility to get your fright on. You never know who you might scare next!
    • The Field of Screams is affiliated with but not operated by the O'Keefe Ranch. Please visit their Facebook page or head to their website at www.fosokanagan.com.

  • Animal Caretakers:
    • For many, our delightful cast of creatures is what makes each visit to the ranch so special. Be you aspiring zoologist or just someone with a love of the animal world, being an Animal Caretaker is both essential and fulfilling. Experience the eccentric personalities of each of our numerous animals beyond the fence line through feeding, watering, general maintenance, and (of course) plenty of pets! If you aspire to work with animals in any setting, being an Animal Caretaker provides an excellent experience with a multitude of different species including chickens, turkeys, pheasants, goats, sheep, and more. Of course, you never know; some furry, fleeced, or feathered friends may be made along the way!

  • Grounds/Building Maintenance, and Construction team members:
    • The beating heart of the ranch, our Maintenance and Construction crew ensures the grounds and buildings stay safe and sound throughout the year. With one of the most versatile job descriptions of any position, it is nearly guaranteed that your skills can be ever helpful, regardless if you have a mechanical mind or simply an industrious heart. Additionally, many interesting projects arise throughout our seasons, which provides both excellent work experience and a scratch to the DIY itch. If you'd call yourself handy, we'd love to have a hand from you!
  • Gardeners and Landscapers:
    • Fancy yourself a green thumb? With over 50 acres of biodiverse property, the O'Keefe ranch welcomes botanists both casual and considered. For those seeking to grow their skill with our photosynthetic friends, our myriad of species can serve to deepen your understanding of how plants thrive in our local environment. Our Gardening and Landscaping team ensures that our grounds are well-cultivated, capturing the magic of nature alongside the history of the ranch itself. There's simply nothing more magical than the spring's first bloom; and, with your help, our next one can be better than ever.
  • Committee Members:
    • Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, committee members meet to provide suggestions on different aspects of the Ranch. Committee members are also actively involved in projects they help create, and there is hardly anything more satisfying than watching your ideas spring to life around you. An industrious and creative committee is the lifeblood that will carry the O'Keefe ranch into an evermore prosperous future, specialized for inner workings, public presence, and everything in between. Think you have what it takes to create our future together? We would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact [email protected] and make sure to complete our Volunteer Application Form.

Letters of completion for volunteer hours can be provided to students towards high school credits. Please talk to your school directly for more information.