Pottery Shop

O'Keefe Ranch is proud to host our resident potter, Burt Cohen. Burt conducts research for the non-profit society, 'Potters Without Borders', and sells pottery pieces in his Ranch shop.  

Artist Statement

Burt Cohen is both a working potter and researcher trained in Japan and India. Burt works with Potters Without Borders, (PWB) and maintains a small research facility that doubles as working pottery. (In the red building kitty-corner from the O’Keefe Mansion.) Feel free to go into the shop and ask Burt any questions about his work with Potters Without Borders. Make sure to also check out his beautiful pottery for sale as well.

Potters Without Borders is a non-profit organization that provides free assistance and technical advisement to develop Ceramic Water Filter (CWF) production facilities around the world. These low-cost filters have a significant health impact in communities, by allowing families to make their own potable water.  Potters Without Borders partners with international NGOs, charities, and faith-based organizations who want to make filters but lack the technical skills necessary to implement reliable projects. More information on filters and Potters Without Borders can be found on their website.  http://www.potterswithoutborders.com/