Tours of the Ranch on Horseback

The complete tour will be 1 hour in total, including a 15 minute orientation.

7 Days a week

Bookings must be 24 hours in advance. For special occasions,  please give 48 hour notice.


All participants must read and completely fill out the risk & release waiver before they are allowed to participate in the trail ride.

Age restrictions 9-18 Youth, ID is required to verify the age. Must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

All individuals signing the waiver must be able to read and understand the waiver or have an interpreter to explain the information.


Weight limitation: 220 lbs

Closed  toe shoe required, sandals are not allowed

Riders must wear a helmet. We do provide helmets, although a personally owned ski helmet is acceptable if it is CSA approved.  Bicycle helmets not acceptable.


A 15 minute orientation prior to trail ride for the guest will cover basic horse protocols:

  • How to approach a horse
  • How to mount a horse
  • How to dismount a horse
  • How to control the horse


Adults & Children 9 and up - $45.00 + gst per hour, per person

Please phone to pre-book  rides: 250-542-7868

Please Note: Subject to availability- Times may change due to weather and availability of horses.