O'Keefe Ranch Fountain WIll Flow Again

Posted on Feb 15, 2018

O’Keefe Ranch Fountain Will Flow Again

2017 was an incredible year for the O’Keefe Ranch. The Ranch turned 150 in June, just two weeks ahead of Canada. That same day was the 50th anniversary of the Ranch opening as an historic site. The Ranch does not plan to lose any momentum going into 2018, and would like to make a variety of improvements to the site—one of which is inspired by our own Tierney O’Keefe.

Tierney was the youngest son of Cornelius and Elizabeth O’Keefe. He took over operation of the Ranch in 1929 upon the death of his mother, and he sold his last herd of cattle in 1961. Trading in a branding iron for a paint brush, Tierney set forth to set up his father’s ranch to look as it would have in its heyday. Along with his wife, Betty, and their children, Tierney moved buildings, re-laid floors, and scoured attics to bring out his family’s treasures. Tierney was immensely proud of his father’s pioneering legacy, but the act of preserving that history has become just as great an accomplishment. In celebration of Tierney’s 107th birthday in February, O’Keefe Ranch would like to help beautify the Ranch by raising funds to improve the iconic fountain in front of the O’Keefe Mansion.

Cornelius O’Keefe had the fountain installed around 1900, and it has not been in operation for a number of years. In 2017, private donors gave a total of $1100 toward fountain repairs, and the O’Keefe Ranch needs to raise an additional $2000 to ensure that it is flowing again by summer of 2018.

“Like most improvements to an historic site, repairs and maintenance to aged structures can be a challenge. And because repairing the fountain is not urgent, it was left for years. It would be wonderful to see the fountain working when guests arrive this season. There is significant meaning to the fountain like everything else we present at the Ranch.” – Kelly MacIntosh, Marketing and Events Coordinator.

Donations for the fountain project can be made by contacting the O’Keefe Ranch at 250-542-7868, or by making a donation online