Animal Sponsorship

Sponsorship has been secured for all animals until summer 2021! A huge thank you to everyone who donated to help keep the animals at O'Keefe Ranch. 


1 Sheep for one month = $65

1 Goat for one month = $55

Zebu for one month = $95

Donkey for one month = $185

1 Bird for one month = $15

1 Pig for one month = $128

Other Options

In-Kind donations are greatly appreciated. Hay and feed such as grain and bird feed are greatly appreciated.

Tax receipt can be issued.

Sponsor an Animal

O’Keefe Ranch is fighting to stay alive through COVID and wants to thrive going forward. The bottom line is - the animals at O’Keefe Ranch are looking for sponsorship.

Yes, I would like to make donation to sponsor an animal!

The Goats 

Our goats at O’Keefe Ranch are our most interactive animal and are second in popularity only to the horses. Each has its own distinct personality and although we love them equally, each person who visits secretly has their personal favourite. 

For work, these guys (and girls) entertain guests with our popular Goat Meet & Greet. They let the little ones interact with them and will even perform tricks for treats (not really - don’t ask them, you will be disappointed, but they really enjoy treats). They are also a big hit and the star of the show for Yoga with Goats. 

The goats cost $55 per goat per month to keep at O’Keefe Ranch. 

Yes, I would like to make a donation to sponsor the goats!

Here are a few of our stars...

Razzle (The Zebu)

Razzle is a breed of cow, called a Zebu, originating from South Asia. Razzle is a companion animal to our donkey, Flapjack. Although he is very friendly and eager to receive pets, his horns make him a bit dangerous for the kids and, honestly, the city slickers. Sometimes he will nuzzle his head towards you for extra scratches and a nuzzle of a horn in the wrong spot can be painful. For anyone comfortable with farm animals, however, he is a total doll. 

Razzle costs $95 per month to keep at O’Keefe Ranch.

Yes I would like to make a donation to sponsor Razzle!

Flapjack (The Donkey)

Flapjack is one of our superstars. He makes his appearance on the red carpet during special events and enjoys getting out to meet the children. He frequently poses for photo-shoots with the kids (and kids at heart). Sometimes he is seen sporting his (very large) bow tie. Flapjack is a gentle soul and any volunteer with large animal experience is able to take Flapjack for a walk for his meet and greet appearances. 

Flapjack costs $185 per month to keep at O’Keefe Ranch.

Yes, I would like to make a donation to sponsor Flapjack!

The Birds

The birds are a huge hit with the kids! And parents enjoy anything which entertains their kids and gives them a break. From New Orleans who is the friendliest (and therefore deemed the scariest by children), to the screaming peacocks and peahens, to baby peepers of various breeds - there are always birds. Birds, birds, birds!

The birds cost, on average, $15 per month to keep at O’Keefe Ranch.

Yes, I would like to make a donation to sponsor the birds!

New Orleans

New Orleans, our masculine turkey, prefers to host your tour through the bird pens and has no problems greeting you when you arrive, herding you along your way and very vocally answering questions when being spoken to. He is known to frequent staff meetings and provide lot of input, especially when it comes to strategic planning. 

Rod Stewart (and his girlfriend)

Rod Stewart is a frizzle. You can’t breed a frizzle with a frizzle and so his girlfriend is a Silkie. No babies to date, but if our Rod Stewart is like famous Rod Stewart, there should be many on the way!

The Other Birds

Some of our birds including Golden Pheasant, Muscovy ducks, Silkies, Japanese Blacktail to name a few.

Yes, I would like to make a donation to sponsor the other birds!

The Sheep 

Currently we have two breeds of sheep and one pet sheep at O’Keefe Ranch. 

Jacob Sheep - These are a heritage breed and O’Keefe Ranch is working on creating its own lineage. They are recognizable with their white and black spots and their multiple horns - typically four.

Shetland Sheep - These are also a heritage breed sheep. Unfortunately, the O’Keefe lineage will not be able to continue; however, a few of the sheep have only known the ranch life and we would love to give them a fantastic retirement. This will only be possible through sponsorship. 

Jake - This is the name of our wethered sheep Jake. He comes out during parades and special events and spends his time keeping guard over the mothers and their babies. Jake is 9 years old and was born at the ranch. We would like him to remain here.

The sheep cost $65 per month per sheep to keep at O’Keefe Ranch.

Yes, I would like to make a donation to sponsor the sheep!

Shetland Sheep

Jacob Sheep 

The Pigs

Pearl and Penelope are relatively new additions to O’Keefe Ranch. They joined us in 2019. Pigs are a part of the history of O’Keefe Ranch. 

 The pigs cost $65 per month per pig to keep at O’Keefe Ranch.

Yes, I would like to make a donation to sponsor the pigs!