"Fill the Steer" Fundraiser

"Help Us Fill the Steer"

O’Keefe Ranch is fighting to stay alive through COVID and wants to thrive going forward. The bottom line is - the O'Keefe Ranch and Interior Heritage Society requires your support during these challenging times. To ensure that this one of a kind historic site can be preserved for future generation to enjoy we are asking everyone to "Help Us Fill the Steer".

What You Get...

Donations of any amount will be added to the 2020/2021 Sponsorship and the "Fill the Steer" campaign. 

  • Your name or business logo will be placed on the bottom of the maps.
  • Your name or business logo will be added to the Sponsorship wall in the Gift shop. 
  • Your name or business logo will be added on the website under sponsorship page.
  • As a thank you, you will receive an O'Keefe Ranch gift basket based on the donation amount (view gift baskets here)

The Historic O’Keefe Ranch is a registered Canadian charitable organization BN# 108090713RP0001. As a not-for-profit, we appreciate the support of every donation given to the Ranch. Your contribution in the form of a donation contributes to the legacy of the O'Keefe Ranch and it's mandate to preserve history and present it for everyone's enjoyment. Charitable tax receipts may be available, please inquire.

Help us reach our goal of $250,000

Watch the steer fill up all season long with all your donations. 

Ways to donate include: 

All donations support the O'Keefe Ranch and will go towards "Keeping History Alive".